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With love to all my fellow pilgrims in this deceitful world 


“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into  workers of Christ.  And no wonder!  For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel light.  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.” - 2 Cor. 11:4, 13-15.    

















Visiting prophets, pastors and teachers are increasingly cross-pollinating the churches with dangerous inter-denominational doctrines.  In the process, they focus the attention of believers on strange charismatic ‘signs and wonders,’ ‘personal’ angels and other unscriptural phenomena.  Unbelievably, some even allege that church pastors have in fact, become angels!  As with every twisted doctrine, they get their theory from misinterpreting a Bible verse or two.  In this case, they abuse John’s letters to the seven churches in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3, “To the angel of the church of Ephesus…  Smyrna… Pergamos…” 

As usual, they derived this supernatural-angel-turned-human-pastor doctrine, (which stems directly from dreadfully deceiving (Old) Apostolic doctrine,) by taking these verses entirely out of context.  We need only to read the very first verse of Revelation Chapter one, to understand exactly what the 'seven angels of the seven churches' really means. 

The opening statement of the Book of Revelation reads as follows, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants, [or every sincere believer of Christ, the New Testament, royal priesthood, Rev. 5:9-10,] things which must shortly take place.  And He, [Jesus,] sent and signified it by [or via] His angel, [which is an angelic messenger, or one of God's servant spirits,] to His [human] servant John, who bore witness to the Word of God..." 

It is not difficult to understand.  Jesus Christ Himself sent several angelic (spirit) messengers to deliver the Book of Revelation and its specifics to His human servant John, who in turn related that information to the rest of Jesus’ body of believers. 

A human being can never be, or become a supernatural angel. 

They are simply two different species! 

Paul wrote in Col. 1:16, ‘For by [Jesus] all things were created that are in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible…  Let all the angels worship Him…  Who makes His angels… ministering spirits, [whom He sends] forth to minister to [His human believers.]” – Heb. 1.

Yet in Rev. 22:8-9 John stresses the fact that both the holy angelic species and the born again human species are the messengers of Christ.  They work together under the banner of Jesus in bringing His Gospel of Grace to a lost and dying world. 

"Now I, John, saw and heard these things [which the angel had shown him,] and I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel...  Then he said, 'See that you do not do that.  For I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren the prophets, and of those who keep the words of this book.  Worship God.'" 



In his book, ‘Masters of Deception,’ F.W. Thomas related this incredible testimony, “I was a young man of twenty when I joined the merchant marine.  One day while having lifeboat drill in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, I was at my station on deck, waiting for orders to do my part in guiding the soon to be released lifeboat over the side.  It weighed thousands of pounds, but I had to stand directly in the path that the boat would swing upon being released so I could see the captain on the bridge.  Upon his command I was to step out of the way.  While waiting for the signal, suddenly a pair of strong hands grabbed me at the back of my knees, knocking my legs out from under me.  I fell to the deck of the ship and turned to see who had played this joke on me.  To my utter amazement, there was no one near me!  A few inches from where I now lay was the ship’s edge and beyond this the open sea.  Cargo ships did not have railings on the lifeboat deck.  At the same instant, I suddenly became aware of the swish of the lifeboat now swinging directly over my head!  The lifeboat had come loose prematurely.  The men working on it were unable to notify the captain, and he could not signal me to move out of the way.  Had I not been grabbed by unseen hands and made to fall to the deck, I would have been hit by the swinging boat and knocked into the sea…  On the bridge, the captain declared in awe, ‘Man, but you have amazing reflexes!’” 

This book, an analysis of the anti-Scriptural teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, was one of the reasons why God commanded his angel to save F.W. Thomas’ life. 

Late one night, a man from our congregation came banging urgently on our locked garden gate.  As he sat down in our lounge, three 'fairy lights' followed him into the room and floated directly in front of his face, clearly threatening him.  We recognized these dot-like lights as demons, and began to bind and rebuke them in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Then, suddenly, God opened our spiritual eyes and we 'saw' that there was a massive spiritual war raging in the air, all around our house.  Hundreds of angels and demons were fighting one another with swords, and the Holy Spirit moved us to do battle with the angels by praying against the forces of evil, (Gen. 3:24; Mt. 26:52-52; 1 Chron. 21:16; Ps. 91:11, etc.) 

This lasted for a long time.  Then, suddenly, all was quiet.  Nevertheless, the man refused point blank to leave our home.  It was the beginning of the Easter weekend, and to the dismay of our two teenage sons, we were pinned down in our home while we ministered to this man until he was good and ready to face the world 'out there' again. 

During that long weekend, we were harassed and attacked by demons in many upsetting ways, but we knew that the holy angels were there all the time.  Once we even heard a scuffle on the roof of our house as evil forces attacked the angels, although, that time, we could not see any of them. 

In counseling, we discovered that this poor man's father was a Satanist, who sexually molested and physically abused him.  (Satanists in all their various forms always make a pact with the devil concerning the lives and souls of their descendants.)  Our counselee fiercely hated his mother for not protecting him against this wicked man.  He also had sexual relations with his own sister, and was into all kinds of demonic games like dungeons-and-dragons and glassy-glassy, (a ‘game’ in which people consult spirits, who move a glass on a table.)  Although he had accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, he slipped back into occult sin on occasion, and seemed powerless in overcoming his past.  During that weekend we helped him to remember and confess every one of those sins to God the Father.  He openly and honestly shared all his fears and sorrows with Him, breaking every yoke in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and destroying every foothold which the devil had gained in his soul. 



The post-deliverance recovery-process, however, was not an instant thing.  Long afterwards, we still had to assist this man in prayer and fellowship.  Those who strive to live fruitful lives in the will of God will be persecuted and harassed, as Paul warned in 2 Tim. 3:12. 

We can know for sure that God does forgive instantly when we confess our sins and He had promised to ‘cleanse us from all unrighteousness,’ (1 Jn. 1:1-10.)  Ever so often, however, we remain bound by the consequences of our sin, as some of those consequences are simply irreversible in this life.  For instance, if I murdered the breadwinner of a family, God will forgive me if I truly confess my sin and repent, but the family will still suffer financially as a result. 

Also, it seems that God does not always choose to resolve a bad situation immediately.  Most often, He will rather choose to, mysteriously and in time, ‘work all things together for good for those who are in Christ Jesus,’ thus building Godly character and spiritual endurance in His believers, (Rom. 8:28; Mt. 26:13.) 

A rarely preached fact is that demonic harassment remains a realistic part of our born again life in Christ.  Satanic persecution becomes a real ‘thorn in the flesh’ when we have to struggle as a result of the consequences of sin.  Especially so when we are continually abused by the unrepentant sin of others, and there seems to be no physical escape.  After all, when we have committed a sin, we have the luxury of choice.  We can choose to confess, repent, and do restoration.  When others unrepentantly continue in destructive abuse against us, however, we have ‘only,’ (literally spoken,) the guideline of God’s Word and the power of His judgment to deal with the ordeal – which might take a long time and test our faith to the limit.  While waiting on God, we can grow weary and faint-hearted, and become in danger of loosing our faith. 

Satan will always use unresolved or lingering problems to try to gain a foothold in our souls.  He will always send his demons to attack us when and where we are most vulnerable.  Satan never fights fair.  Yet in defending ourselves against the evil one, we always have to obey the Holy Spirit and follow Scriptural commandments.  In the process, we are continually at odds with the devil in this struggle called ‘life here on earth.’ 



Satan never gives up a soul easily.  He always tries to scare us into submission to his control; attempt to deceive us wherever possible, and once we are free of his control through the blood of Jesus Christ, his demons will “return to see if their place is nicely swept and clean, [or merely religious,] but empty, [without a sincere relationship with Christ.]  Each one of these evil spirits will then try to bring seven others more wicked than himself, to enter and dwell in that person,” (Mt. 12:43-45.) 

So, can a Christian really have a demon? 

According to the Lord Jesus Christ, the answer is a definite ‘yes,’ (Mt. 12:43-45.)

In Mark 5:1-15, a possessed man lived among the tombs in the land of the Gadarenes.  Most Bible scholars believe the Gadarenes were ‘apostate Jews who threw themselves out of God’s Old Testament covenant, thus allowing Satan dominion over them.’ 

That compares well to the condition of back-sliding Christians. 

Moreover, this tormented man was possessed by a whole legion of demons.  A Roman legion numbered 6,000 men – in this case, a powerful, well-armed, well-organized, well-trained battalion of demonic beings working together to assault, conquer, and destroy just one person.

This proves just how many demons Satan sends to fight an all out battle for a single soul - and of course, how many angels the Almighty God will dispatch to protect that soul. 

What incredible danger sin and especially the sin of deception, nevertheless poses to us! 

Dare we forget that ‘the wages which sin pays is death?’  (Rom. 6:23.)

May God have mercy on us all! 

The good news, however, is that Christ has set us free from the power of sin, and Scripture describes the almighty ministry of the Holy Spirit and His angelic armies in a way which nobody can deny. 



God does indeed send His uncountable number of holy angels to assist us in our everyday struggles here one earth.  Nevertheless, the secular media, as well as religion, are paying much attention to angels and other strange phenomena, instead of focusing on the Creator of all the angels, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thus, believers have good reason to be wary of most accounts of angelic apparitions and especially the escalating notion of 'guiding' and other 'personal'  angels.  For instance:  Let’s just quickly test the popular ‘Christian’ television series, ‘Touched By An Angel.’  In this series, God, or “The Father,” is never identified as the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Name of Jesus is never mentioned, (unless we missed it completely!) while He Himself stated, “I Am the way, the truth and the light, and no one comes to the Father except through Me,” (Jn. 14:6.)  After all, the Godhead of Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit is One God, (Jn. 14:8-11; 15:26.)  Also, the entire context of Scripture mentions only male angels, the “sons of God,” and so we can be certain that female angels do not exist. 

Most Christians completely ignore the fact that Satan turns himself into an angel of light in order to deceive God's gullible souls, (2 Cor. 11:14.)  Disobediently they disregard God’s stern Scriptural warning not to willfully and unnecessarily indulge in conversations with supernatural beings, or to seek the presence, counsel, guidance, protection and fellowship of angels directly, but to worship, consult, follow and obey only God, (Deut. 18:9-14; Rev. 19:10.) 



We should be especially on our guard against unscriptural apparitions and other supernatural phenomena, but even the appearance of holy angels should not be accepted without apprehension.  Besides the escalating appearances of angels, (especially since 1998,) there are many accounts of apparitions by a Jesus spirit, particularly among the Catholic community.  This Jesus even appears through switched-off television sets to convince people that he is ‘the christ,’ knowing that naive believers will follow him without suspicion, (1Jn. 4:1-4.) 

Undoubtedly, the real Lord Jesus Christ, Who is God Himself, has the ability to reveal Himself in whichever way He chooses, but Scripturally, God has already revealed everything we need to know through the Bible.  Paul explained in Rom. 1:19-20, ‘What may be known of God is manifest, for God has shown it to them [through the magnificence of His creation,] even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse…’  And in Rom. 3:21; 16:25, ‘For now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed… [by the New Testament Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.] 

Scripture does not state that God will reveal His Son, or His Gospel, through ghostly apparitions.  On the contrary, in the account of the rich man and Lazarus, Jesus Himself declared, ‘[The Jews] have Moses and the prophets, [or the Old Testament; the ‘Bible’ of that time,] let them hear them…  If they do not hear [the Scriptures,] neither will they be persuaded though one rises from the dead…’ (Lu. 16:29-31.) 

1 John 4:1-4 guide us by the following rule when it comes to supernatural encounters.  While humans under the control of demons can say anything, a disembodied evil spirit simply cannot admit that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, which a holy angel, on the other hand, will be ready and able to confess. 

Whenever we meet a spirit, then, (whether in the form of a holy angel or a demon pretending to be holy - or even a spirit in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ,) it remains our personal responsibility to test that spirit by asking, "Who are you?"  Paul also, when confronted by Jesus on the road to Damascus, asked, "Who are you, Lord?"  In other words, "Are you really God, or sent by God, and how can I know that for sure?" 

So, even when we meet a holy angel who wants to speak to us, ‘guide’ us, or something similar, we must ‘test’ him to see whether he is of God.  He might look like an angel of light, and even 'do good' like one, but unless he confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, we dare not believe him.  Our 'simple' obedience to the truthful context of Scripture will always protect us against serious deception. 



The truth of the Word, viewed in the whole CONTEXT of Scripture will always remain our only reliable guide when it comes to teaching, prophecy and ministry - but also when it comes to the unseen spiritual world, and the spirit beings who live in that world.  Testing the sincerity and motives of people, however, is more complicated, as a human being can and does confess whatever he or she chooses.  This brings the following words of Jesus to mind, ‘You will know them by their fruits...’  (Mt. 7:15-20.). 

We all have to live by grace, for we ‘stumble in many things,’ (Jam. 3:2.)  Thus our fruits are our continual behavior in this world, which, over a period of time, reveal our real character, spiritual state, priorities, and true intentions. 

The corporate and individual accountability of the bride of Christ and her members is also vital to her defense against deception. 

As a result, Paul wrote, ‘Two or three prophets may speak [in a meeting, while] the others must judge…  And the spirits of the prophets are under the control of the prophets, because God is not the author of confusion, but of peace,’ (1 Cor. 14:29-32.) 

God will never override our personal responsibility to control our mind, spirit, decisions and behavior, because He has given us a free will and a sound mind.  God always deals with us on a “know this,” or a “take heed”-basis, and expects us to understand and obey.  (“Know this, that in the last days…”  “Take heed that no one deceives you…” And: “Take heed HOW YOU HEAR… Lu. 8:18.) God will never think or decide for us, but increasingly, He will empower us to think more clearly and act more soberly or self-controlled, (1 Ths. 5:5-8.) 

For a lack of accountability, responsibility, and healthy discipline, many mortal wounds are inflicted on the believers of Christ on a daily basis. 

Many years ago, we knew a pastor who preached fiery, soul-turning sermons, and the peace of God surrounded him like a physical cloak.  We believed he was a great man of God, until we got to know him better.  We then found that he was spitefully disobedient to clear-cut Scriptural commandments, but mercilessly strict on trivial religious matters; dreadfully hard-headed and unteachable, and in the end, he revealed himself as an unscrupulous lover of money. 

This was very confusing, until the Holy Spirit reminded us of Jesus’ words in Mt. 7:15-20.  Jesus did not say, we will know one another by our anointing, peace, gifts, knowledge, charisma, or material wealth.  Jesus said we will know one another by our 'fruit,' our continual good (and Godly,) or bad (and evil) behavior.  



Testing our own gifts and motives, as well as the gifts, ministry and motives of others in the light of Scripture is another necessary component of our defense against deception. 

God sends His angels to help and/or warn His believers when we, or our loved ones, are in trouble. 

It is also Scriptural that angels might appear to us under dire circumstances.  What’s more, the Holy Spirit Himself, living IN us, is able to guide us and keep us from harm, (Ps. 23.) 

We do experience Godly visions and dreams, and the Holy Spirit’s Scriptural gifts of “tongues, divine wisdom, knowledge in Word interpretation, prophecy, the discernment of spirits, and the gift of extraordinary faith to perform healings and miracles,” (1 Cor. 12:4-11.) 

Nonetheless, believers have to be aware of the fact that the devil is able to counterfeit nearly every gift of the Holy Spirit and miracle of Jesus, just as Pharaoh’s magicians were able to imitate nearly every sign of Moses.  We should seriously question situations where angels and other apparitions and/or voices constantly guide believers in unimportant, everyday matters, such as what color shoes to wear, and so on.  And we must be extremely skeptical about any gift which manifests itself through guiding angels, moving dots, or any other apparition, allowing the person to ‘see’ into the spirit world on a regular basis.

We must always test the spirits to see whether they are of God, (1 Ths. 5:21; 1 Jn. 4:1-4.)  And we should always allow the conviction of the Holy Spirit, through the contextual truth of Scripture, to ‘be the lamp for our foot’ in the unknown darkness of the spiritual world. 

Sadly, many false spirits are operating unchecked among the body of Christ.  Most believers accept every prophecy, teaching and spiritual manifestation at face value, while God warned in Deut. 28:9-14, ‘You shall not learn to follow the abominations of [pagans.]  There shall not be found among you anyone who… practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, (fortune-teller,) or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, (who consults spirits,) or a spiritist, (who manifests or ‘channels’ spirits,) or one who calls up the dead. (Such apparitions are in fact evil spirits, masquerading as the


Fairies, Orbs and Color Angels; are all these spirits from God?

Renette Vermeulen