You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free

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is an unseen, mostly non-tangible manifestation of the Spirit’s power in the innermost hearts and minds of Satan’s slaves and captives, who experience the Real Gospel Truth, Light, and conviction of the Holy Spirit as Jesus’ disciples minister Scriptural truth in the true power and conviction of the Spirit.  

Additionally, the Scriptural power of the Holy Spirit is not to “bring down fire” to speak in tongues and do miracles, allegedly ‘proving’ they were ‘baptized’ ‘in’ the Spirit, but to equip and lead Jesus’ sincere disciples in the Holy Spirit’s assault on the gates of Hades! (Hades is a figure of spiritual death.) These teachers also misinterpret the “fire,” which John the Baptist referred to in connection with Jesus’ Baptism with the Holy Spirit, to support their strange signs and miracles in the churches, (Mt. 3:11; 20:22-23; Lu. 12:49-53.)  [Here is a link to explain what “Jesus’ baptism with fire” really means.] 

From Pentecost to this day, Jesus’ Scriptural Baptism with the Holy Spirit marvelously “empowers” His temple of  believers with the gifts of the Spirit to function as His mighty strike force; attacking and penetrating the spiritual kingdom of darkness with Jesus’ saving, redeeming Gospel Truth, (Mt. 28:19-20.)  In combination with the power or “anointing” of the indwelling Spirit, all true believers also have the full authority of Jesus to make disciples for the Spiritual Kingdom of God, which is one of the greatest displays of God’s almighty power on earth! 

Still, if people do not attend meetings to find the truth of God’s Word and the real power of the Holy Spirit, it is easy to preach a false gospel to ‘itching ears,’ making thousands of church followers without much effort, (Gal. 1:6-10; 2 Cor. 11:3-15.)  Kundalini power hold people in such meetings, because they go there to experience the spectacular: highs, hypes, showmanship and so-called miracles.  That they are being deceived and led astray do not even enter their minds, (1 Ths. 5:21.) 

Rodney Howard Brown and Colin Dye preached in England, “People can be saved without the preaching of the Gospel…”  All they need is their “river of anointing,” [scroll down to “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius,”] which flows from their ‘five-fold ministry.’  These leaders teach that they, not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, can save the whole world through their strange spiritual experiences.  In reality, Jesus commanded all His disciples to bring His true Gospel to deceived souls so they can understand His Word, sincerely accept Him, and follow Him in a lifestyle of repentance from lies and ungodliness! 

These leaders also say Jesus wants them to live happily and effortlessly on a so-called ‘restored’ earth, which their “river of anointing” is allegedly changing into ‘heaven on earth.’  However, this earth is destined for the fire, (2 Pt. 3:10-14,) and it is another matter to preach Jesus’ truth to Narcissist materialists who will not die to sin and self to live eternally in heaven, (Gal. 2:19-20.)  Jesus’ believers heap up “treasures in heaven” and must be so focused on Him and the Truth of His Word that they will follow Him fearlessly through fire, water, and even through death to advance His great cause, (read Jn. 12:24-26; Heb. 11.) 


Question: “If the Holy Spirit Baptism is a ‘once off,’ and He constantly indwells that believer, how is it possible for Him to also ‘come down upon’ or ‘fill’ the disciples again and again, as described in Acts 4:31? 

Answer:  During the Old Testament dispensation before Golgotha and Pentecost, the Spirit never indwelt His believers, He merely ‘came upon’ them because during Jesus’ ministry, “the Spirit was not yet given,” (Jn. 7:39.)  Only under the New Covenant, after Jesus’ ascension, the Spirit came on Pentecost with mighty signs that resembled wind and fire to indwell His believers for the first time.   Since then, He had been indwelling true believers at their acceptance of Christ, but not with those outward signs of wind and fire, and mostly without manifesting the gift of tongues or prophecy, (Acts 2:1-4.) 

The context of Acts 4:31, (verses 23-37,) and other relating passages, (where believers were ‘filled again,’) occurred after the disciples prayed for 1) boldness to keep on preaching the Gospel of Christ under severe persecution and 2) for the Scriptural signs and miracles as described in Mark 16:16-18, which confirm the ministry of Jesus’ true disciples to outsiders — not as so-called ‘evidence’ that they were ‘baptized in the Holy Spirit,’ but to testify to the fact that Jesus lives in them! 

This verse states that after the disciples had prayed, the place where they gathered together “was shaken, and they were all filled [not ‘baptized’] with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the Word of God with boldness.”  Here it is again: the Spirit confirmed that He was living in them primarily to fulfill the commission of Christ to preach the true Gospel!  (Acts 1:8.)  The “place was shaken” does not necessarily mean that an earthquake shook the ground underneath their feet.  Probably, this allegorically describes how they were ‘quickened’ and encouraged by the Spirit to preach the True Gospel — while neither Holy-Spirit baptism nor the gift of tongues is mentioned in this context

The H.M. Commentary explains, “Christ had promised His [disciples] power to proclaim His Gospel and to work miracles for the proof of their commission, yet they must pray for it; and, though they [already] have it, must pray for the continuance of it.  Christ Himself had to ask, and it was given Him.” 

Being “filled” (not baptized) with the Holy Spirit ‘again’ is not the actual, once-off Baptism with the Spirit at salvation.  The context explains that in praying this prayer these disciples surrendered themselves to a greater degree to God’s cause and will, giving the indwelling Spirit free reign in their souls and lives.  The result was boldness to keep on fulfilling the commission of Christ, and “the Lord worked with them, confirming the Word through the accompanying signs,” simply because they asked, believed, and obeyed Him, (Mark. 16:16-20.)


Question“Why do you have a problem with the evidence of speaking in tongues, if you believe in the Holy Spirit baptism?”

Answer:  I do not have a ‘problem’ with any of the Scriptural gifts of the Holy Spirit such as tongues, true prophecy, the miracle of healing, etc.  Like someone said, “The problem is that the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement changed God’s Scriptural gift of tongues into the so-called validation of a strange re-baptism, which they credit to the Holy Spirit.”  Their perversion of the Scriptural Baptism with the Holy Spirit and His wonderful gifts is barefaced witchcraft against the Highest God.  Incredibly, the Pentecostal/Charismatic commentators of the Spirit Filled Bible themselves, faced with the truth of God’s eternal Word, had to place this ‘baptism,’ which allegedly occur “at some time after conversion” and which is so insistently imposed on all their members, in true Scriptural perspective. 

Even these Charismatic commentators had to explain, “Obeying the Moral Law of Love in the power and leading of the Holy Spirit is the only real evidence that we love Jesus and are His disciples.  Our decision to obey is the key to understanding the spiritual reality of the Scriptures and frees the Holy Spirit to teach [and use] us.” Scripturally and practically, the gift of tongues, or any other gift or miracle of the Holy Spirit by itself, cannot be ‘evidence’ of either our salvation or our spiritual integrity, and therefore cannot ‘validate’ or reveal our true identity in Christ. 

Jesus Himself said they will know the true children of God by their fruit — (the true ‘evidence’ of who we are,) which is our Godly Moral character that continually resembles the holy, righteous, and truthful Character of God Himself; manifested through our faithful obedience to His New Testament commandments, (Jn. 13:34.) 

Jesus did not say they will know us by our tongues, anointing, or by any gift, sign, or miracle!  Although Jesus wrought countless miracles and manifested all the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit, most Hebrews did not know Him, and thus did not accept Him as the Savior sent by God the Father, (Jn. 21:25.)  Millions through the ages, amazed at the miracles He performed, acknowledged Him as a human prophet and teacher, but they never knew Him personally to discover His True Character, which typifies Him as the One and Only, Most Holy God, Creator, Everlasting and Almighty Father, God with us, the Light of the World, and the Only Truth, Life, Light and Way to heaven, (Rev. 1:7-8; Col. 2:9; 1:14-18.) 

Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will keep my [New Testament] commandments — [you will obey the Truth of My Word…] and I will love you and manifest [or reveal] Myself to you… and My Father will love you and We will come to you and make Our home with you.  He who does not love Me does not keep My words...” Jn. 14:15, 21-24.  Not everyone who declares the Name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit is a real disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, (Mt. 7:21-14.)  Acts 5:32, “We are witnesses to the [miraculous ministry of the Holy Spirit through His sincere believers,] and so also is the Holy Spirit Whom God has given [for free and without any human effort or intervention] to those who OBEY Him.” 

When those professing the Name of Jesus remain disobedient to God’s Word, perverting the contextual truth of the Scriptures to their own advantage, they are not filled with the Holy Spirit, although they might speak in tongues.  Demonic tongues, the counterfeit for this gift of the Holy Spirit, is commonplace in the occult and also received in churches through the unscriptural laying on of hands, unbiblical doctrines, and chaotic and strange spiritual manifestations.  Such leaders are “pleasing men and not God,” preaching “another gospel,” “another spirit,” and “another Jesus,” (Gal. 1:6-10, 2 Cor. 4,14.) 

It is very sad but true that this second spirit ‘baptism with the evidence of tongues’ is the instrument that forces believers to submit to dangerous, unscriptural practices, which actually place the person under the ‘authority’ of self-glorifying teachers, prophets, and pastors instead of teaching the disciple to remain under the Scriptural authority of Jesus Christ.  These Scripture-twisting ‘god-men and women,’ (so-called manifest sons of God,) are intent on binding Jesus’ believers to their system of showmanship and materialism, supported by the oppressive doctrine of tithing.  By unscripturally re-baptizing their followers with a strange spirit, they are actually initiating them into a corrupt system, based on greed and false miracles, signs and wonders.  Satan is the great imitator of God and pervertor of everything true, good and holy.  Thus, it is not strange to find that most of the modern, chaotic church ‘miracles,’ (like getting hysterically drunk and ‘slain’ [or killed] in the spirit; so-called ‘holy’ farting and belching, howling, barking, levitating, sticking to chairs, etc.,) all originated from the occult. 

It is dangerous to think that someone is saved and anointed by God just because that person has the ability to speak in tongues, prophecy, etc.   Satan has the power to distort the Holy Spirit’s Scriptural gifts into demonic tongues, fortune telling, casting lots, and so forth!  Do not believe me — read the account of Pharaoh's magicians, who could imitate all the miraculous signs, which God showed through Moses — except the death of the firstborn, as only God Himself has executive power over life and death.  Satan has never and could never give even a flicker of life to anyone or anything.  God Alone is the Creator, (Job 2:6.) 

If we are disobedient to the truthful context of God’s Word, not testing and ‘proving’ all spiritual teaching and supernatural manifestations as God commanded (1 Ths. 5:21; 1 Jn. 4:1-4) we will become so deceived, we will even accept Satanists as born again children of God into our fellowship.  Jesus Himself said we will know them by their continual and lasting fruit or behavior, not by their ‘anointing,’ gifts, knowledge, etc., (1 Jn. 1:1-4; Mt. 7:15-20.) 

Real Godly miracles and Holy-Spirit gifts always glorify Jesus and never draws attention to, or glorify the prophet, healer, etc., who is merely an instrument in God’s Hand.  (1 Cor. 12:11; Jn. 16:14!)  God’s gifts and miracles spring directly from the Holy Spirit Himself when, as, and how He Alone chooses, (1 Cor. 12:11.)  Most importantly, the Holy Spirit always reveals His miracles, and uses the ministration of His gifts based on necessity; not to impress people and never to make disciples for a false church system, (Jam. 4:3.) 

When the Spirit manifests a particular gift through one of His disciples, God often answers the person’s prayer immediately.  He might also delay the answer a day, a week, or twenty years, but God will always answer.  Point is, Divine miracles and signs such as tongues and prophecy cannot be generated solely by human will, effort, and timing!  For instance, the Spirit often uses someone to prophecy, or manifest a word of wisdom and knowledge in the course of a normal conversation without that person’s knowledge!  God is not into showmanship, that is Satan’s forte.  If we encounter a ‘prophet’ who prophesies to everyone in turn as and when he chooses, it is likely that this is a diviner/psychic/medium operating under the guise of Christ.  Trying to force God’s hand, timing and will, extort an answer from God, and induce the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the basis of all the false signs, miracles and wonders. 


Question:  “Where did the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues originate?” 

Answer:  Although this ‘baptism’ typifies most, if not all Charismatic/Pentecostal churches, this doctrine did not originate with Charismatic/Pentecostals at all.  Originally, it was Edwin Irvin of the Catholic Apostolic Church, who changed the Scriptural GIFT and SIGN of tongues into the so-called “standing evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.”  Irwin & Company actually taught, (as their spiritual successors the Charismatic Pentecostals still teach,) that this ‘baptism’ “can only be acquired with the laying on of the hyper-anointed hands of their ‘mediating,’ god-clergy!”  [Morris Cerullo alleges, “You're not looking at me.  You're looking at God, you’re looking at Jesus! Paul Crouch says, “We’re God, yes, I Am a little God!”] As the doctrine of British/German/Afrikaner Israelism, and the doctrines of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and the One Man Antichrist, this ‘baptism’ was introduced to these churches by, amongst others, Edward Irwin, one of the founders of the Catholic Apostolic Church (1831) — known today, (in Germany and in South Africa in particular,) as the Old and New Apostolic Churches.  Irving, in turn, received these false doctrines from Rosicrucian (Christian freemason) Roman Catholics.  The papacy used their Jesuit (masonic) priest Emmanuel Lacunza to spread these lies to the Pentecostal communities of the nineteenth century.  Most horrendously, like Edward Irwin, these masonic preachers also teach that this ‘baptism,’ (with its so-called ‘evidence’ of speaking in tongues,) ‘secures,’ or ‘proves’ one’s salvation.  That is why one supposedly cannot be saved without this baptism

The gift of tongues then actually becomes the ‘Savior,’ not the Lord Jesus Christ!  What’s more, (as tongues is the ‘evidence’ of the supernatural power of their Holy-Spirit ‘baptism,’) they are supposedly “eternally and unconditionally saved, whether they continue to live in sin or not.”  They believe that God intends this ‘baptism’ only for the ‘elite’ members of their churches as a “separate experience at some time after conversion.”  [The word ‘conversion’ never refers to the Scriptural spiritual rebirth; ‘conversion’ means changing from one religion or denomination to another! Rom. 12:1-2.] If this unscriptural ‘baptism’ is “evidence” of anything, it is of the fact that false dogma and deceit quickly begets more false dogma and deceit.   As someone remarked, “Irving was urging Christians to receive the Holy Spirit as though they were not baptized or filled with Him in the first place!!!  Therefore, into what spirit was he re-baptizing the believers under him? [And into what spirit is his spiritual seed still ‘baptizing’ their followers today?] I’d say that Irving’s movement was an attempt to re-baptize Christians into doctrines [and church systems] that better coincide with the New World Order of certain Illuminists…” 


Question“If this ‘baptism’ is false and the Spirit does not “come down” repeatedly into believers, how does the Spirit anoint us to do miracles?” 

Answer:  The ‘anointing’ or power of the Holy Spirit is already inside the born again ‘hearts’ or human spirits of all sincere believers, (1 Jn. 2:20, 27.)  His truth and power (through the manifestation of His different gifts,) only need to flow out of us like a “spring of living water.”  According to the commandments of New Testament Scripture, [read 2 Jn.  v. 7-11,) God strictly forbade His believers (Mt. 23:28,) to follow the so-called ‘hyper anointing’ of the Pentecostal/Charismatic, hierarchical clergy, who call themselves ‘Christian gods/christs and mediating “spiritual fathers;” controlling gullible believers with their money-grabbing doctrines of ‘duty to diligent tithing,’ ‘more excellent giving,’ and their chaotic ‘signs and wonders.’  [It is not of God to laugh hysterically; howl, bark, stagger and fall down like drunkards, or to fly through the air under the control of some ‘hyper-anointed’ leader!] 

It is a sound New Testament fact that the Holy Spirit empowers from within, He never overpowers from without like evil spirits do, as the Holy Spirit already fully indwells every sincere believer from the moment of his/her rebirth in Christ!  (Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5, Gal. 4:6.)  Jesus Himself declared, “The [spiritual, invisible] Kingdom of God does not come with observation for the Kingdom of God is [already] within [all personally born again believers in Christ,]”  (Lu. 17:20-21.) 

Questioning these false doctrines is not “putting God in a box, [as] not everything God does is in the Bible,” as Rodney Howard Brown alleges.  It is Scriptural obedience to test these “miracles” according to the full context of Scripture!  (1 Jn. 4:1-True believers cannot and dare not define their lives in Christ by what the Bible does not say.  Everything we need to know about God; our salvation, redemption, and the new life in Christ, is described in the Bible.  The whole context of Scriptural Truth is “the lamp for our feet” and “the light for our path” to follow Jesus to heaven. 

It is plain for all to see that this Charismatic chaos cannot and does not come from heaven, as God will never contradict the “entirety” of His contextual truth, the Bible.  Paul explained this clearly when he declared that the “spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets, for God is not a God of confusion, [chaos,] but of order,” (1 Cor. 14:32-33.) 

These “mediating spiritual fathers” through whom God supposedly works, (as He allegedly does not work through His ‘ordinary’ disciples!) might not even know that they are returning the whole Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement to the hierarchical model of the “god fathers” of the Roman Catholic Church; following the ‘apostolic’ lies of Edward Irving and Company.  Yet, for this very purpose these leaders call themselves the ‘fivefold ministry;’ the ‘manifest sons of god,’ (god and christ in the flesh,) and ‘Elijah prophets,’ and allege that they operate between ‘mankind’ and God as the Old Testament prophets did.  

But God Himself said in Heb. 1:1-2 that He spoke to the Old Testament/Covenant Israelites by the prophets, but in these last days of New Covenant believers, He speaks to them through [the truthful Word] of Christ. 


Question: “If people are all baptized in the Spirit from the very moment they wholeheartedly decided to accept Jesus, as you state, why did believers after Pentecost still have to receive the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues?  Peter said, ‘Repent, and be baptized, every one of you, in the Name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, [which is the speaking in tongues.]’ 

Answer:  When one follows this link on Peter’s commandment to be water baptized one would find it is a deliberate mistake, (in order to support an extremely false doctrine,) to confuse Peter’s commandment in Acts 2:38 with the ‘gift of tongues.’  However, Peter says indisputably, “you will receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit.” 

The Spirit Filled Bible clarifies, ‘The ‘gift of the Holy Spirit’ must be distinguished from the gifts of the Spirit.  The former is the Spirit Himself, while the latter are special abilities granted by the Sprit to equip believers for service.’ 

After calling for repentance from Judaism and other religion, and commanding believers to be baptized in water as per Jesus’ example, Peter continued in Acts 2:39, ‘For the promise [of salvation in Christ through the Holy Spirit] is to you and to your children…’  When Peter mentioned the ‘gift’ and ‘promise’ of the Holy Spirit’ in Acts 2, he was not referring to the gift of tongues, (or to any other gift,) but to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit - as the Spirit Himself Is the Gift of God, Whom Jesus had promised to send to His disciples, (read Lu. 11:13; Acts 1:4; Jn. 16:7.) 

Confusion over such clear-cut Bible verses proves that the mind of every born again, Spirit-filled, or Spirit-possessed (Eph. 1:14) believer still needs to be renewed through knowledge of the contextual Truth of the Scriptures, in the power of the Holy Spirit!  (Rom. 12:1-2; 1 Pet. 1:22-23; Jam. 1:21-22.)  Misinterpreting the different timeslots or dispensations of the same Gospel by blending the two different Testament Covenant, (the Old and the New) has led to much confusion and aggressive denominationalism, or divisions of Christianity


Question: On four occasions after Pentecost, individuals, or groups were baptized in the Holy Spirit after believing, with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  In Acts 8:12-17 the Samaritans had already received the Word, been baptized, but the Spirit ‘had fallen on none of them.’  It was only after a second experience to conversion, through the laying on of hands, that they received the Spirit.  Why were they not “possessed” by the Holy Spirit after they believed? 

AnswerAs always, one finds clarification about the indwelling-possession of the Holy Spirit and His gifts, such as the speaking in tongues, in the chronological order of these events in Acts.  The Gospel as we ought to know it came through the ministry of Paul – and please, I am not implying that Paul received ‘new,’ strange or ‘superior’ knowledge!  After Jesus met Paul on the road to Damascus, Paul went into 3 years of isolation before he joined Peter and James.  Still ‘unknown to the believers of Judea,’ it seems he remained in the regions of Syria for another 14 years, learning from the Holy Spirit Himself, before he came to present the New Testament Gospel in its entirety to the disciples/followers/members of The Way, as they were originally known, (Gal. 1:16-24; 2:1; Acts 9:2;19:23; 24:14,22; Heb. 10:20.)  Most Bible scholars believe that 23 years had elapsed between the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost and Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians.  Here, in 1 Cor. 12-14, Paul explains the manifestations of the Holy Spirit as the powerful gifts of the Spirit.  This was a first but serious attempt to eradicate the confusion and lack of knowledge among Jesus’ disciples of The Way, (KJV, 1 Cor. 11:1; 1 Ths. 1:6; 2:14, etc.)  Their confusion was something similar to the chaotic Christianity of today.  In this epistle, (1 Corinthians,) Paul clarified the type and purpose of the Spirit’s gifts, as well as the way in which He manifests His gifts.  Therefore, Paul called the gift of tongues ‘a sign [one of the signs] for unbelievers,’ which relates directly to the other gifts or ‘signs,’ which Mark described in Mark 16:15-18. 

To understand the context of Acts 8:12-17, (we can only find truth in the context of anything,) let us look at a similar passage in Acts 19:1-10, where Paul met a similar group of believers.  In an attempt to understand their spiritual background, he asked, “Did you receive the [indwelling of] the Holy Spirit when you believed?” But they ‘have not so much as heard whether there is a Holy Spirit’ because they were some of the dispersed disciples of John the Baptist, who had not even heard of Pentecost – and probably, not of Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection, or ascension either.  The S.F. Bible footnote on Acts 19:1-10, ‘These disciples were true, baptized believers, whose knowledge about the Holy Spirit was defective.  They knew some basics from contact with John the Baptist, but they were unaware of the developments of Pentecost…  [The Spirit’s manifestation through them] was accompanied by their [newly acquired] knowledge of Pentecost.  An obvious parallel to the Day of Pentecost, the Spirit’s [indwelling] fullness is displayed by the gifts of tongues and prophesy.’ – [Please read 2 Cor. 5:17; Gal. 2:20.] 

The Spirit Filled Bible footnote explains Acts 8:12-17, where baptized believers supposedly received the Holy Spirit Himself with the laying on of hands, as follows, “This passage has been subject to unnecessary debate.  This sequence of events leaves little doubt that the Samaritans had become [believers earlier] and had an experience with the Holy Spirit, evidenced by their water baptism.  Now, [as the Samaritans accepted these truths about Jesus’ Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit,] they were led into a deeper understanding’ of the new dispensational indwelling of the H.S. and His gifts, and the true meaning of [Scriptural] water baptism.”  It is clear from the context of the Book of Acts and the entire New Testament that they did not receive the Holy Spirit Himself with the laying on of hands, but the indwelling Holy Spirit chose to manifest His gift of tongues, prophecy, and boldness to preach the Gospel through the intercessory prayer of the apostles. 

These dispersed disciples were like millions of Christians today:  A great lack of knowledge ruled the early assemblies of Christ, as seen in the New Testament epistles written by Paul, Peter, James, and John.  These believers did not receive the Holy Spirit Himself by the laying on of hands.  ONLY JESUS can baptize with the Holy Spirit and this happens at the moment of the person’s spiritual rebirth in Christ, (1 Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5; Gal. 4:6.)  However, relating the Spirit’s wonderful gifts to the supernatural manifestations at Pentecost, (Acts 2,) these early believers misinterpreted the gifts of tongues and prophecy as the moment the Spirit first indwelt them – or as the ‘baptism with the Holy Spirit,’ just as in modern churches.  If they believed that the Spirit continually ‘came upon’ them, or ‘fell on them’ when He manifested His gifts, these believers were merely interpreting the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit according to Old Testament, and/or pagan doctrine.  Under the Old Testament covenant, the Spirit only ‘came upon’ believers without indwelling them.  However, a New Testament Paul wrote in Rom. 8:9b-11, ‘If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.  And if Christ is IN you…  He will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit Who dwells in you.’