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Facebook Post, 2016, Speaking on marriage as ''not buying horses,'' and illustrating the marriage covenant as two horses, yoked together, drawing a carriage, I have to share what I once saw. I cannot find the video on the internet, but it showed two horses yoked together in a carriage during a show. They began calmly, pulling strongly together, until one of the horses suddenly went berserk. It reared up with such brute force that it nearly flipped the carriage, hauled the driver into the air and yanked the other horse off its feet. However, the other horse immediately took a firm stand to bring the wild one under control. While the mad one continued to neigh frantically trying to rear onto its hind legs, butting, kicking and biting to get out of the carriage restraints, the calm horse slowly but meticulously began to force the wild one to the side of the track, using all its strength to subdue the crazy one until it eventually pinned the wild horse firmly against the rail. No matter how hard the mad one tried to continue its frenzy, the other horse would not budge. It so firmly stood it's ground, the wild one simply had to realize it doesn't have enough strength of keep on fighting the firm, level-headed control of the other horse. Once the crazy horse had completely calmed down, the driver gave the command to continue. Although surely bruised and maybe even wounded, the calm horse immediately obeyed and the wild one followed suit, so that they brought the driver uninjured to the finishing line. 

We have to realize, that if the driver did not remain in control, and the calm horse was unable to subdue the wild one, the outcome of this scenario would have been that the berserk horse would have been put down for the safety of all concerned. I later learned that it is custom to yoke a wild horse with a docile one, and a less experienced horse with a more experienced one. I know that God said we should never be unequally yoked and He did this to spare us an immense heap of trouble and sorrow, therefore we should ever disobey Him. But, could it perhaps be (and this is only my perception and NOT a licence to disobey God,) that in His infinite wisdom, when we are ignorant of the ways of life and above all, the protective commandments of God, that our Lord actually protects His gullible children by allowing opposite characters to attract each other - while allowing wild people the immeasurable gift of grace to have someone stable in their lives, with the goal of ultimately saving their souls? 
Do NOT be deceived to think that we, by our 'goodness' and even our obedience to God, can change another person, if he or she unrepentantly rejects God and all that is good. This is NOT what I am saying. Paul expressly wrote, "If the UNBELIEVER departs [because he or she cannot wholly submit to God and a Godly spouse,] let him or her depart, you are not under bondage in such cases. But God has called us to peace. For how do you know, o wife or husband, whether you will save your spouse?" Salvation, redemption, and blessing in Christ always remains a personal choice. What I am saying is, when bad things happen to good spouses, they should not quickly get discouraged, abandoning the wild horse and leaving the carriage to decompose. Dear believer, I know you have been abused, abandoned on many occasions, and you are also tired, bruised and even broken. I am NOT saying you should stay with a serial adulterer, unrepentant drunkard or a violent Rambo. I am saying that I know not all abused marriage partners have the means to FLEE from such maniacs, who never surrender themselves either to God or their God-given spouses. However, I am sure of one thing: God, as the driver of the horse-drawn carriage, always remains in control. Before you decide to abandon this marriage, truly SEEK HIS WILL first. Be sure that you hear from HIM, for He is the One Who will never leave you or forsake you…   


Facebook Post August 2016, SPEAKING OUT OR KEEPING QUIET, WHEN SPOUSES CHECK OUT OTHER WOMEN AND MEN, FLIRT AND DO OTHER HORRIBLE THINGS? These and all other types of misbehaviour demolish marriages. It is a real problem when spouses of both sexes unrepentantly expose too much of their bodies through the clothes that they wear, throw anger tantrums, abuse their spouses verbally and/or physically, spend indiscriminately, are unreasonably jealous or lack caring; are lazy in supporting their families, shirk responsibilities, have poor personal hygiene and a general lack of manners, (many marriages disintegrate because of simple do’s and don’ts like this,) abuse drugs and alcohol (prescription drugs too,) behave spiteful and selfish, use intimacy as a manipulation tool, remain passive in times of adversity, etc. These problems are real enough, but how to deal with them, is always the question. No one in their right mind wants to fight - especially not all the time; push their spouses to act appropriately, or constantly restrain bad behaviour. Should the husband ignore it when the wife wears low cut T-shirts and dresses, tight and revealing pants, shorts and mini skirts, or should he confront her lovingly but firmly; giving reasons why he disproves of such behaviour? And what if she turns tigress and fights frantically, insisting to continue in what is not acceptable to him? What if the husband checks out women, should the wife keep quiet and do the same to make him jealous? What if the husband disapproves of his wife checking out other men, while he does the same? Should either the husband or the wife tolerate lies and manipulation to cover sin? Or is flirting not really dangerous just because ‘everyone’ does it? 
Unconfessed and unrepentant sin and other harmful behaviour have a tendency, while we simply sweep it under the carpet, to grow into a huge, unmovable rubbish heap before we know it. Hence, God called us to be the SALT and LIGHT of the earth, meaning, we should always be available to the Holy Spirit to bring exhortation, (urge or persuade,) through the God-given truth of His Word, to bring TRUE peace to our homes and lives. Such wonderful blessings can only flow from chaos through REPENTING from sin and OBEYING the Moral Commandments of Jesus Christ. These commandments, (repentance and obedience) are the two-edged Sword of the Word, which always cuts BOTH ways. As the wise ones used to say, ‘What is good for the gander [the male,] is good for the goose [the female.]’ Should we neglect to become God’s vessels of LOVE (because God’s truth and the truth of every situation IS Godly LOVE,) He will certainly hold us responsible. As the spiritual head of your home, husband, you must be God’s salt and light (meaning you should allow the Holy Spirit and His true Word to work in and through you,) in everything GOOD, GODLY and TRUE. As the spiritual heart of your home, wife, you should allow the Holy Spirit to work in the same way in, and through you. I would say it is right that the husband REFUSES that the wife wears short dresses and other inappropriate clothing, or exhibit silly and bad behaviour. I say again, if there is nothing for sale, why advertise? I expect my husband to warn me of inappropriate behaviour, and I believe it is my right to do the same for him. Doesn’t God Word ask, ‘Can two walk together unless they first agree?’ (Amos 3:3.) Ethical behaviour under all circumstances is not an option; it is obedience to God's Moral Law of Love. It is obedience to Christ Jesus Himself.
Really, the greatest compliment a man or woman can give his or her spouse is NOT to ‘check out’ and flirt with people of the opposite sex. Of course we have eyes and have to see what is going on around us, but we should always remember that just a little leaven leavens the whole lump. Just a little flirtation with sin can lead to great apostasy from God and a marriage that ends in divorce. IF something makes for arguments and sin, LOOK AWAY and RUN AWAY before looking and becoming ensnared. Do not give the devil a foothold to destroy your relationship with God, your spouse, family and life, (Eph. 4:27.) In other words, AS MUCH AS IT IS IN YOUR POWER, do not give the devil any opportunity to pry on your weaknesses, or allow him to use others to bring anger, discontent and division between you and your spouse. 

Watch out and guard your OWN heart first. God commanded in Lev. 19:17, “YOU SHALL NOT HATE YOUR BROTHER [SPOUSE/NEIGHBOR...] IN YOUR HEART. YOU SHALL SURELY REBUKE [HIM OR HER,] AND NOT BEAR SIN BECAUSE OF HIM [OR HER.] Do not allow unresolved conflicts to poison you (or other people,) while you can resolve it through obedience to God’s Word, (Eph. 4:26.) Don’t shy away from standing your ground if you are sure that you are doing right, (Eph. 6:13.) Nonetheless, we ALWAYS have to repent from our own sin before trying to resolve the sin of our spouses and other people. However, we should NEVER apologize for acting morally, or for expecting our spouses (and other people) to act morally towards us. May God have mercy on us all, for it is not to the glory of God to fly off the handle when the pan gets hot. Calm, honest, and open discussion is all that can clear a bad atmosphere, because keeping quiet while grinding our teeth is bad for our own spiritual, emotional, and physical health, and for the health of all concerned. And using intimacy to manipulate your spouse is something all disgruntled partners should address. Let us always pray everything through and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the “great and unknown things we do not know,” (Jer. 33:3,) because dealing with the CAUSES of troubled behaviour and relationships can, by the grace of God, lead so a clean atmosphere and a holy and happy marriage relationship, if only we only do our part in the correct timing of God.


Facebook Post, September 2016, WHY IS A MALE, WHO HAS SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH EVERY WOMAN HE CAN ENTICE, COMPLIMENTED WITH NAMES LIKE ‘ROMEO,’ ‘STUD,’ ‘BULL;’ WHILE A WOMAN, WHO COMMITS THE SAME TYPE OF IMMORALITY, IS CALLED A ‘WHORE,’ (EVEN IF SHE DOES NOT DO IT FOR MONEY,) SLUT, HARLOT, ETC.? Society actually commends and never condemns promiscuous men – even destructive, soul-murdering serial adulterers, while promiscuous women are usually branded with the scarlet letter. In addition, it is allegedly always the female ‘slut’ who tempts the ‘innocent’ male – while seduction really cuts both ways. Many a good woman was ruined by a bad man, just as many a good man was ruined by a bad woman. Throughout Scripture, (New Covenant Scripture especially,) BOTH men and women, who live immoral lives, are “fornicators,” and if married, they are called “adulterers.” Under the Old Testament, such people were stoned to death to root out evil in marriage – although the evil Pharisees overlooked and commended male fornicators and adulterers because they also twisted God’s Word to suit themselves, just like New Testament Pharisees still do today. Jesus said in Mark 7:13, “You make the Word of God of no effect through your tradition, which you have handed down. And MANY such things you do.” If only society also condemned the destructive actions of MALE WHORES or MAN SLUTS, just as they do with FEMALE WHORES AND SLUTS, they would have alleviated the suffering and pain of countless families and children especially, throughout the ages. More unacceptably, if a child is born to “such a woman” out of wedlock, (while “such a father” is hardly ever mentioned,) the names, which that innocent little human being is called, are unmentionable. However, ALL little children are totally innocent and could never choose their physical circumstances. Thus, ALL little children belong wholly to Jesus, and therefore, He Himself laid His hands on them and, without ever thinking of cursing them, He BLESSED THEM unconditionally, (Mt. 19:13-15.) How does society then DARE to curse those innocents, Whom God Himself has blessed? ALL those born out of wedlock have to remember this. You can NEVER be cursed because God Himself has BLESSED you. The only way you can be cursed, is when you yourself CHOOSE the curses by choosing the sinful ways of the kingdom of darkness, (read Deut. Chapter 28.) Once you CHOOSE Jesus, you continue to occupy a constant PLACE of blessedness in His Kingdom of Light. So, who is ACTUALLY ‘out of wedlock’ when they conceive a child? The unmarried couple – BOTH the father and the mother; but certainly NOT the child. Moreover, God made it VERY clear throughout Scripture, that both male and female, UNREPENTANT adulterers and other types of fornicators, will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God, (1 Cor. 6:9.) Jam. 4:4, “[Spiritual, emotional and physical] ADULTERERS AND ADULTERESSES! Do you not know that friendship with the [sinful] world is ENMITY with God?” Heb. 13:4, “Marriage is honourable among all, [thus, keep] the bed undefiled, for God will JUDGE [BOTH MALE AND FEMALE] FORNICATORS AND ADULTERERS.” God made ONE man and ONE woman and joined the TWO together through His marriage covenant. As soon as a third party, either male or female, enters this Godly union, it instantly BREAKS the holiness of His covenant, (not the lawfulness of this marriage,) defiling it with fornication and adultery. Hence, adultery is the only ground, which Jesus mentions in Mt. Chapter 19, for divorce, (if the offended so chooses and not by law) – which was never in God’s mouth when He joined them together. 

Yes, you may ask, but WHAT ABOUT THE OLD TESTAMENT PATRIARCHS? Can anyone think that God, Who, “IN THE BEGINNING,” SO STERNLY commanded both the male and female to honour their marriage vows, actually gave the old patriarchs permission to go after every woman they want? NO, because in Deut. 17:17, God even forbade the KING to have more than one wife. And in Mal. 2:14, 15, God warned the REAL ROBBERS OF HIS TITHES, (not the blessed New Testament disciples of Christ,) the Old Covenant temple PRIESTHOOD, “[I do not regard your offerings anymore,] because [I] have been a witness between you and the wife of your youth, which whom you have dealt treacherously; yet she is your companion and your wife by covenant...” Let me assure you, the notion that both single and married men may fornicate because they are ‘great,’ while only women, who do the same, are ‘adulteresses and sluts,’ is one of the greatest deceptions Satan has strewn throughout the world. Girls, if you meet a ‘Romeo,’ RUN YOUR LEGS LAME! Because if he checks out the girls before you are married, he WILL continue to fornicate after you are married. If this Gigolo or ‘stud’ lays ONE violent finger on you before marriage, he will beat the living daylights out of you once you are married. If he likes to spend all his time with wild friends, and waste all his money on flashy cars now, drinks uncontrollably and takes drugs, he will NOT surrender to you and play happy-hubby once you are married. [AND THE SAME APPLIES TO DISORDERLY WOMEN OF ALL KIND!] God NEVER promised that our prayers and Christ-given goodness will change ANYONE ELSE, except OURSELVES. Yes, God has a million ways to lead sinners to repentance, but in the end, repentance still remains our own, personal CHOICE. If another person rejects the True Savior, Jesus, we should not suffer from Messiah-syndrome, believing WE can save or change that person if we just ENDURE long enough; SUFFER enough, GIVE enough... Every human being on earth is saved, redeemed and blessed by only One Person: the Lord Jesus Christ and His full atonement in our place. Everyone has to choose Jesus because we WANT to have Him as the Master of our lives. We serve Him because we WANT to glorify His Name. If that MAN OR WOMAN does not regard God and His blood atonement in his or her place, that male or female slut will NOT regard YOU, or any of the many empty promises they made to you


Facebook Post August 2016, DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE IN THE BIBLE.  Paul wrote, “There is now no condemnation for those who do not live according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit...”  (Rom. 8:1.)  These are the believers of Christ who have experienced His complete forgiveness, and have repented from sin, dealing with those whom they have trampled according to Jam. 5:16.  ALL sin is sin.  Do not let anyone condemn divorcees while overlooking other types of sin.  Therefore, this simply to discusses a very hurtful and harmful reality of life.  The problem with relationships began in Eden when the husband and wife disobeyed God.  When they had to take responsibility for what they did, regretting and confessing their sin to turn everything around, they began to practice the fine art of blame shifting instead.  “The snake deceived me...”  “That woman You gave me...”   And without cursing them directly, God cursed the whole earth because of them.  The consequences of their unrepentant sin still severely affect not just every human being, but also every living thing on earth. 

The fall affected the provider-husband in a way that made everyone suffer.  Weeds and thorns of all types infected every sphere of life, and, since that day, not only humans, but every living creature has to wrest a life from the earth.   [Ever watched a spider or an ant WORK for its food?]   In spite of what churches teach, God did NOT curse the wife to a life of violence, verbal abuse, and demonic oppression under the harsh rule of her husband.  The same goes for the husband, of course!   Instead, God actually WARNED the wife that, [and this also applies to the husband,] if she allows her now scrambled priorities to idolize her husband instead of worshipping and serving God above all else, the man, as the physically stronger one, would treat her very harshly. 

All relationships, especially humanity’s relationship with God, with each other under the marriage covenant, in their families, and with all other people, were severely marred by only that one act of unrepentant disobedience to the Highest God.  Jesus came to give every human being a way out of that curse by bringing complete blessedness and healing to all those who choose to truly live in Him, (Jn. 1:12-13; Gal. 3:10-14.)  However, most of humanity still chooses to continue in the art of blame shifting, hatred, and emotional and physical murder.  A Jewish writing described the marriage relationship as follows, “God did not create the woman form the feet of man so that she would be his doormat, but from his side, so that she can be near his heart.”  They should have added, “God did not create the woman from man’s head that she should rule him, but from near his heart, so that she should help and encourage him.”  But instead of realizing these great truths, the fact remains that behind every successful man...  is a woman rolling her eyes.  And behind every successful woman, is a man shaking his fist.  They forget that even before God joined them together through the marriage covenant, God gave them joint-management over His entire creation. 

Instead of pulling TOGETHER to get their marriage carriage to the finishing line, either the husband or the wife or both are going mad to get out of the restraints that yoke them together in marriage.  Every Godly marriage counsellor will always attempt to save a runaway marriage carriage by calling BOTH the husband and the wife to accountability, and repentance, so that they can STOP attacking each other and start pulling TOGETHER.  However, if one or both spouses refuse to submit to God and to each other in everything Good, Godly, and true, there is no hope for that marriage.  And if adultery, drug and alcohol abuse and violence are left unrepentant, [remember that our bodies are supposed to be temples of the HOLY Spirit,] the guilty spouse or spouses are surely demolishing their marriage carriage and everyone around them – especially the precious family that God entrusted to their care. 

However, if the wild horse insists on getting out of that yoke, and greater harm to all involved is unavoidable, then divorce is imminent.  Before we should take that dreadful step, let us remember:  divorce is death to that marriage, but without a burial; often continuous grief without a grave, because mostly, it still yokes the innocent partner and family to a rotten corpse, and it is ALWYS the children that suffer the most.  Sadly, young lovers and newlyweds never realize that Jesus said we should not enter the marriage covenant, nor annul it lightly, as He hates divorce – not because He condemns it as some  ‘unforgivable, binding’ sin, but because He wants to spare us all the incredible brokenness and disruption attached to it.  The restraints that yoke a couple together in marriage are hardly ever easily severed – if they are really severed at all.  Make NO mistake; divorce is legal and moral death to a marriage.  There is NO such thing that divorced people are still married “in the eyes of God.”  Rom. 13:1-7 makes it very clear that believers are still living physically here on earth, and therefore, they are subject to the laws of this GOVERNMENT here on earth.  God allowed Moses to allow the Hebrews to divorce, although, “from the beginning, it was NOT so.”  And so, if divorce is LEGAL death to a marriage, then surely, after all is made right (through obedience to the Moral Law,) with God and our fellow man, we are no longer bound to that wild ex-husband or ex-wife, are we? 


Facebook post August 2016, LIVING TOGETHER – ‘MARRIED IN GOD’S EYES?’  We have to realize that nobody is supposed to get sexually intimate with their friends; either ‘boyfriends’ or ‘girlfriends’ - YUCK!  God’s Word calls all such immoral behaviour, ‘sin against the body, which is supposed to be a temple of the Holy Spirit,’ and FORNICATION, or filthy, sinful sex.  In marriage, a husband and his wife are supposed to be best friends, but they are bound together LEGALLY AND sacredly through their commitment to God’s marriage covenant in LOVE FOR EACH OTHER, which makes them ‘ONE’ in Christ.  [I will do another post on this.]  God never gave us permission to simply shack up together and think we are ‘married in God’s eyes’ – if ever some even think about ‘living together’ like this.  Most people ‘move in together’ to avoid commitment and responsibility, and for financial reasons, while many others, like the elderly in particular, will not give up the pensions, medical aids, etc., which they get from former marriages.  Women, (mainly,) do not realize the legal implications that ‘living together’ poses for them, (and especially for the children born from such a union,) until ‘that boyfriend’ zips his clothes and bags, and clears the country.  Then, she is left to care for the kids alone, and while bearing all the emotional baggage, she also has to deal with the financial mess of it all.  It is at this stage, where SOME women realize that the marriage covenant is much more than ‘a piece of paper.’  A legal marriage certificate gives the wife and children of that marriage some financial and other protection, and above all, human dignity in this world where they will have to live until Jesus takes them home.

On the other hand, couples, who also go beyond the physical law of the land, and ‘get married in God’s eyes’ without any legality to that marriage, are deceiving themselves to believe they have God’s blessing on such a union.  God will NOT twist or nullify His Word to please anyone.  When we accept Jesus, we do not ‘transcend’ the physical laws of our physical country here on earth, because we are not living in heaven yet.  Therefore, God will not accept such blatant rejection of the human authority of political government, of which He commanded, “Let every soul be subject to the [political] governing authorities, [as far as they operate within the confines of God’s Moral law...  I mean, if they will make us bow to them in idolatry, it is another matter, for we have to worship God above all else.]  For he [should be] God’s minister to you for good.  But if you do evil, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain... to avenge and execute wrath on him who practices evil.”  For instance, Jesus Himself commanded us to ‘give unto Caesar (the government) what is due to him, and give [MORALLY] to God what is due to God.  God did NOT say Scripturally born again disciples may refuse to pay taxes, reject protective laws, etc.  We are ALL living physically together here on earth, and if political government does not do what God commands them to do, (as we are experiencing all over the world,) CHAOS ensues.  For instance, a murderer or murderess, who regrets, confesses, and repents from murder, will go to heaven – but he or she will still have to go to jail for that physical crime against humanity.  In fact, God commanded, that murderer or murderess, although forgiven by God and even by victims, still have to fall under the ‘sword’ of human government, and give his or her life on the gallows, gas chamber, etc.

Nevertheless, “great” Christian people, living next door to a ‘worldly’ couple we know, had her darling daughter and her ‘boy friend’ live together for more than three years in the garden flat on their property.  Once I asked the woman how she justifies that in what God says about fornication.  She first said she will not ‘anger’ her children by preaching to them; she ‘wins’ them with ‘love.’  I told her that God called us to be his preserving, purifying salt and light, and if we will not be that in our own homes; among our own families, how can we be that to the world?  We should never ‘love’ our children, spouses, or anyone else more than we love God.  In God’s Word, REAL GODLY LOVE IS TRUTH, MORAL OBEDIENCE TO GOD, and care for all other people.  We should speak against the sin of our loved ones especially, because hell is an eternity.  Better that her daughter is angry now, than being angry in hell – dragging her parents with her because of their disobedience to God.  Then, she actually ‘swore’ that she took her daughter to the doctor, and the doctor ‘verified’ that the daughter is “still a virgin after all this time!”  To her great disgust, I laughed out loud and told her I am not a child to believe this lie to supposedly ‘protect’ her daughter’s ‘integrity.’  Later, her neighbour asked why they, seeing that they are these ‘great’ Christians, allow their daughter to ‘live in sin’ for so long without confronting her.  I answered; ask them, because I cannot explain in their place why they are dishonouring God’s holy Name and Word in this way. 

Parents, (and everyone else,) can be sure that God will judge us together with those whom we protect in sin of ALL kinds, for it is written in Rom. 1:22-32, “Because they did not like to retain God in their knowledge [of Him,] God [let them go to fill their cup of sin before He judges them... Knowing... that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also APOROVE OF THOSE WHO PRACTICE them.”  In the Old Testament, which was the ‘EXAMPLE’ of how God deals with His people, (1 Cor. 10:5-12,) Eli the priest ‘loved’ his sons more than God; actively committing idolatry.  These sons were “corrupt...  and Eli was old; and he heard everything his sons did...  and how they lay with the women who assembled at the door of the tabernacle of meeting,  So Eli asked, “Why do you do such things?  For I hear of your evil dealings from all the people.  No, my sons!  For it is not a good report that I hear.  You make the Lord’s people transgress.  If one man sins against another, God will judge him.  But will a man sins against the Lord, Who will intercede for him?   Nevertheless, they did not heed the voice of their father, (1 Sam. 22-25.)”  ONE WOULD THINK ELI HAD DONE ALL THAT HE SHOULD AND THAT GOD WOULD BE SATISFIED WITH THIS REBUKE.  NOT SO.  God sent a prophet to speak to Eli, saying, “...Why do you kick at My sacrifice and my offering which I have commanded you...  AND HONOR YOUR SINS MORE THAN ME, TO MAKE YOURSELVES FAT WITH THE BEST OF ALL THE OFFERINGS OF ISRAEL MY PEOPLE?  [Sounds a lot like today’s preachers... verse 29; 3:12-19.]  I will perform against Eli all that I have spoken... For I have TOLD HIM THAT I WILL JUDGE HIS HOUSE FOREVER FOR THE INIUITY WHICH HE KNOWS, BECAUSE HIS SONS MADE THEMSELVES VILE, AND HE DID NOT [ADEQUETELY] RESTRAIN THEM...”


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