You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free

Renette Vermeulen

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· Jesus was the Only, Complete, and Eternal sacrifice, Who paid IN FULL once and forever, for ALL the transgressions ever committed against God’s Moral Law, to bring every sincerely believing disciple into a completely different, spiritual, everlasting, New Testament Covenant under an entirely NEW dispensation, (Col. 2:8-15.) 

· At His ascension, Jesus commissioned His disciples to make disciples from all the nations, not just from among believing Hebrews.  He commanded them to do this by preaching His True Gospel to all who would personally choose to accept Him. Thus, being born again into His New Testament, spiritual and unseen Kingdom, every sincere disciple of Jesus lives spiritually as a completely saved, redeemed, and blessed child of God, (Mt. 28:19-20; Jn. 1:12-13; 3:3-5; Gal. 4:6; 1 Cor. 3:16-17; 6:15-20.) 

· The Holy Spirit did not indwell the Old Hebrews under the Old Testament covenant, but only came ‘upon’ them to do wonders like the works, which Elijah did.  This was so because Jesus’ complete atonement in their place was not fulfilled yet. 

· Only at Pentecost, after Jesus’ ascension, did the Holy Spirit come once and for all to indwell ALL Jesus’ Scripturally born again believers throughout all the ages, and, as Jesus Himself promised, “even to the END of this world,” (Mt. 28:20; Acts chapter 2.) 

· Therefore, as a spiritual temple of the indwelling Holy Spirit, every sincere disciple already has the full anointing of the Holy Spirit, which “abides [continually] in you,” (1 Jn. 2:20, 27.)  So, every sincere believer can manifest the particular Scriptural GIFTS of the Holy Spirit, which the Spirit entrusted to him or her, but only as the Holy Spirit Himself “wills” and leads according to His own will, (read 1 Cor. 12 Chapters 11, 12 and14.)

· Because believing disciples will continue Jesus’ miraculous works on a global scale, they will have complete power over Satan and all his demons, (spiritual serpents,) and even poison that might affect them physically, (Mark 16:15-20.)  Acts 28:1-10 is perfect proof of the indwelling Holy Spirit under the New Testament blood covenant of Jesus Christ, as described in Mark 16:15-18.  Shipwrecked on the island of Malta and under the protection of the natives there, Paul was bitten by a snake, which he simply shrugged off without any ill effects.  “When he did not swell up or suddenly fall down dead… they thought that he was a god… [Furthermore,] Paul prayed over and laid hands on [one of the leaders’ father, who] lay sick of fever and dysentery, and God healed the man.  So the rest of those who had diseases also came and were healed.”



Because all true believers, after Jesus’ ascension, live under His New Testament Covenant and with the CONSTANT INDWELLING of the Holy Spirit, the only Scriptural account I could find of casting out a demon in the Book of Acts and in the epistles of the apostles, was in Acts 16:18, where Paul ‘delivered’ an unbeliever from demonic possession, (or as it is now called, ‘demonic oppression.’)  After enduring days of demonic harassment from an unbelieving slave girl and clearly out of bare necessity, Paul, greatly annoyed, silenced this fortune-teller by casting out her demon of divination.

Note also that Paul did not wear special religious clothes, or used a crucifix or any other strange, “iconic” thing to cast out this demon from an unbeliever.  He simply turned and calmly said, “I command you in the Name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” Immediately, the demon left her. No gimmicks; no crucifix, ‘holy’ water, showmanship; shouting; falling over; twisting of Scripture or any other religious trick; just the calm, assured, almighty power of the Holy Spirit, Who indwelt Paul. Yet, Paul and all the other disciples, through the indwelling Holy Spirit, continually healed many believers from sicknesses, and manifested ORDERLY, as “God is not the author of confusion,” the Holy Spirit’s GIFTS of tongues, interpretation of tongues in the assemblies, true prophecy, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, supernatural faith to do miracles, and the discernment of spirits, for the purpose of ministering to the needs of the body of Christ, (1 Cor. 14:26-39.)

The ONLY other Scriptural account of an attempt to cast out demons after Jesus’ ascension, was of unbelieving Jewish exorcists, not believers, who coveted the power of the Holy Spirit within Jesus’ disciples.  However, when they tried to cast out demons “by the Jesus Whom Paul preaches,” the spirit answered, “Jesus I know, and I have heard of Paul; but who are you?” And the possessed man jumped on these unbelieving Jews… and they fled naked and wounded,” (Acts 19:13-16.)

· After Jesus’ ascension, no Scriptural account of casting out a demon from truly, personally born again believers exists!  Nevertheless, because of the fact that Jesus’ spiritual GIFTS, (among these, the power to cast out demons,) remain sureties, Paul and the other apostles’ epistles stand on the continuous, supernatural ministrations of the indwelling Holy Spirit.  



The reason why Jesus’ true Gospel must be preached to every person, who desires to meet and know God, is because He is not into changing bad people into people who merely look good from the outside, (Mt. 29:19-20.)  Neither is He into leaving His true believers in bondage to the kingdom of darkness while they are living here on earth.  The Jesus of the Bible makes “new creations” from sinful, lost, cursed, spiritually dead and bound people; (Gal. 2:20.)  He is into completely renewing or “transforming,” [not conforming to the lies of dead religion,] ‘the minds’ or thoughts and beliefs of all those who sincerely believe in Him, personally accepted, and follow Him, (Rom. 12:1-2.) 

The sly author of all religion in all its many forms cannot do any of this.  Religion is all about outward, self-righteous emptiness, which never changes the ‘heart.’  Jesus is all about inward, self-crucifying renewal, (Gal. 5:24.)  Thus, we all have to be spiritually born again; (our dead human spirits must become alive in us,) otherwise, we cannot “see” or “enter” the Kingdom of God, Who is Spirit, (Jn. 4:21-24; 1:12-13; 3:3-5.) 

Likewise, Jesus does not leave the ‘minds’ or thoughts and beliefs of His disciples in bondage to darkness.  He also, through the constant teaching of His Word, which is Truth, and the constant indwelling of His Spirit, fully renew or “transform” the ‘minds’ or thoughts of His disciples, so they can know Who He really Is, and how to follow, or obey Him above all else, (Rom. 12:1-2.) 

As a result, at the moment when we sincerely accept Him as their God, Lord, Savior and Redeemer, Jesus takes us spiritually OUT OF the kingdom of darkness, and places us wholly INTO His Kingdom of Light.  Salvation is not something we still have to ‘earn,’ or hope for after we have accepted Christ.  Salvation is a totally new life and lifestyle in Him.  Jesus gives us the full ‘package’ of our newborn life INSIDE His Kingdom, which is inside the blood-cleansed “hearts” or human spirits of all personally born again believers from the moment they accept Him.  Therefore, salvation is a spiritual PLACE of full redemption, or complete freedom from the king of darkness; a POSITION of full blessedness in Christ as a true child of God, (Gal. 3:10-14; 1 Pet. 2:9-10.) 

Jesus does not share His born again disciples with the enemy of our souls.  The only way Satan can get a hold on our hearts and souls, is when we ourselves give him the permission to enslave us again with his lies, lusts, and deceptions. 



The “flesh” is our own human desires, most of which, like hunger, are completely natural and necessary.  However, under the agitation of the devil, uncontrolled appetites of all sorts can lead and push us to sin, as soon as we choose to obey Satan. This is so, because true believers belong wholly to Jesus’ Spiritual Kingdom of Light.  Gal. 3:10-14, “Christ has [past tense, fully] redeemed us from the curse of the law, [Deut. Chapter 28,) having become a curse for us… that the [full state of] blessing of Abraham might come upon the [believing] Gentiles in Christ Jesus…”  Eph. 1:7, “In Him we [already] have [complete] redemption through His blood; the forgiveness of sin, according to the riches of His grace.” 

Once we are personally born again in Christ,  we have all of this in full. 

· In fact, we are complete (that is COMPLETE) in Christ, (Col. 2:8-15.) Jesus is did not save us partially, or redeemed and blessed us to a degree.  We are wholly complete in Christ.  

· One cannot live IN His light and Kingdom if one is not completely redeemed, or totally made free, (lifted out or called OUT of) one’s former POSITION in the kingdom of darkness, (1 Pet. 2:9-10.)  Peter explained our complete freedom in Christ as “knowing that you were not [fully] REDEEMED with corruptible things, like silver or gold… but with the precious blood of Christ…” (1 Pt. 1:13-19.) 

· As a result, in Romans 8 and throughout Scripture, Paul explained away all so-called ‘demonic habitation,’ or as ‘deliverers’ call it, “demonic oppression,” as “the flesh.”  In this passage, Paul began by discussing “the law of sin and death” as a major part of “the flesh.”  The ‘flesh’ is simply all natural need and desire, which can tempt us to sin by accepting lies as truth, bad as good, and darkness as light — which is exactly what Adam and Eve did in the Garden.  This is so because ‘the flesh’ is our own will, pride, selfishness, and everything else that pertains to ‘the self.’  This is the essence of all religion: it pleases the flesh.  However, Jesus called us to ‘crucify the lusts of the flesh’ to seek and obey God’s will above all else.  To entice us to sin against God and do our own will, is the reason why Satan continually messes, or tries to mess, with everyone's mind.  Hence, our actual “battle is for the mind.”  The one who controls our minds, (or actually our beliefs and thoughts,) controls us.  And so, it is the “lust of the selfish flesh,” which allows the dreadful sin of deception that keeps us in bondage to the evil one. 

· It is our own spiritual blindness, or our acceptance of “deception,” which erects DEMONIC ‘STRONGHOLDS,’ OR FALSE BELIEFS in our ‘minds;’ twisting our thought patterns to perceive lies as truth.  That’s why Jesus warned, “If you abide [cling to, hold on to, seek and search for] My Word, [which is the only truth,] you are My disciples indeed.  And [then] you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”  There is no other way to counteract lies and deception, than through understanding, believing, and accepting the whole truth.  Only truth can defeat lies.  This relates to God’s entire Truth in His Word, but Jesus’ principle of complete freedom from lies, (seeking the truth,) really pertains to all lies and deception. 

· In Romans Chapter 8, Paul was saying that our religious thoughts and practices before we believed in, and accepted Jesus (The Truth) as our Lord, Redeemer, and Savior, were all about outward religious pomp and the acceptance of people – which is the core of the kingdom of darkness.  Satan is the greatest theologian of all time and knows how to bring people to religion, where they can satisfy the lusts of ‘the flesh,’ because religion in all is various forms is always stripped of a personal relationship with God and true obedience to His New Testament, Moral Law of Love, (Jn. 13:34.)  In contrast to empty religious practices and false beliefs, the New Testament Covenant is all about the TRUTH of the Holy Spirit, Who is Jesus Himself, Who called us to LIVE AS the “holy nation, the royal priesthood, the holy saints,” whom God Himself made us to be by saving and REDEEMING us completely from the smothering embrace of outward religion and personal lusts. 

· Hence, we are called “NOT to walk according to the lusts of the flesh, but according to the Spirit…  For those who live according to the lusts of the flesh set their thoughts on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, set their minds on the things of the Spirit.  For to be carnally minded is death, [as it has the power to entice us back into the religious kingdom of darkness with its sinful lusts,] but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. 

· Because the carnal mind (or sinful thoughts) is enmity against God, it does not submit itself to the [New Covenant, Moral] law of God…  But if the Spirit lives in you [through your personal rebirth,] you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit.  Now if anyone does not have the [constant, indwelling Holy Spirit,] that person is not His” – and ALL sincerely and personally born again believers DO have the indwelling Holy Spirit!  A temple of the Holy Spirit can never be empty.  The Spirit completely and continually occupies each of His holy, saved, redeemed or delivered, living temples: the sincerely born again believer-disciples of Jesus Christ. 



Centuries before informal Pentecostal/Charismatic ‘Deliverance Ministries’ appeared on the scene in the 1920s, the Roman Catholic Church was ‘delivering’ troubled members of their church from demon possession through the church rite of exorcism, or the casting out of demons.  It seems, the influence of demon possession (which Evangelicals call “oppression”) on Christians has always been widespread.   It ranges from insanity, to strange illnesses; erratic, illogical and violent behaviour, multiple personalities, hearing voices, hysteria, uncontrollable rage, strange and harmful spiritual manifestations, being tormented by seen or unseen entities, ‘bad luck’ in finances, marriage, and other relationships.  In the ‘Mother’ Roman Catholic Church, only ordained priests could, and can carry out exorcisms after an investigation into the case proves the necessity of exorcism, if the possessed person has medical evidence that proves the problem is not mental illness, and once it is authorized by a higher authority such as a bishop of the Roman church. Exorcism mostly consists of strict adherence to prescribed ritual, reciting prescribed passages, and by confronting the possessed person with a good supply of ‘holy’ water and a substantial crucifix – all adding to the Name of Jesus and the power of the Roman Catholic ‘holy’ spirit, which is actually their so-called ‘Mother’ Mary.

Apart from formal church sanction on this church ritual, the faith of the ordained priest and not the demon-possessed person, determines the outcome of this long and intricate process.  The possessed person, often bound to a bed, has absolutely no role to play, other than to squirm, scream, wriggle, bear teeth, spit, hiss, and whatever the demons might do to fight the onslaught of the ‘mighty’ Roman Catholic crucifix.  The priest then has to endure the full length of this demonic battle, because if he fails in casting out the demons, he believes they will turn on him personally. 

Once an exorcism is allegedly “successful,” the so-called “delivered” person feels relieved, clean, forgiven, and allegedly “born again” - just as in Protestant “deliverance.”  Because, as we will see, almost none of these methods are Scriptural and therefore, cannot be true deliverance from real demons, this phenomenon (the ‘miraculous outcome,) is known as auto-suggestion and/or the placebo effect.  [The Placebo Effect is a phenomenon in which a placebo - a fake treatment such as inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution, can sometimes improve a patient's condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful.” 

Auto-suggestion is a technique used to program your mind for ‘the reality’ of a suggested happening, while it is in fact a deception.]  Still, because of these effects, Catholics view exorcism as “sacramental” in the “mother” church, as, contrary to the truth of Scripture, it provides an alternative means of “salvation,” “redemption,” and “holiness,” devoid of personal faith, and  confession of, and repentance from moral sin — which  often produce the same unscriptural “results” in Protestant “deliverance.”  



Since the establishment of modern Pentecostalism in the early 20th century, where signs and wonders took centre stage, ‘Deliverance Ministries’ of all kinds were suddenly spawn.  (They mostly experience God through their ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit’ with the so-called ‘evidence of speaking in tongues, not through the truth of His Word.) ‘These ‘deliverance ministries’ differ from Catholic exorcism in that they euphemise and twist ‘demonic possession’ by calling it “spiritual oppression,” because they know very well that it is  Scripturally and practically impossible to belong to God and the devil at the same time.  They mostly operate during church services, allegedly casting out demons from believers publically and in most embarrassing and chaotic ways, making a real public spectacle of those in need of true, Holy Spirit inspired prayer, Bible truth and repentance, (Jam. 5:13-18.)  However, many also commit their ‘deliverance’ destruction on unwary people in private, just like clinical physiologists do.  During the later years of these ‘ministries,’ even Calvinist (Dutch Reformed) and other ministers ‘under the collar’ joined this ‘deliverance’ crusade.  [“Forgive me, Father, because, through a lack of knowledge in the time after You saved my soul, I have sinned greatly by participating in their practices.”] 

Some Deliverance Ministers also use the term "Exorcist", wear the clerical collar, [as seen in the photo of Bob Larson — which was first used by Roman Catholics and then by Presbyterians and now by Baptists and Pentecostals too,] that also incorporate a stole,” which proves the ecumenical unifying of all churches under the banner of their ‘mother,’ the Roman Catholic Church.  [Wikipedia.] 

In their attempt to supposedly cast out demons from believers, “some Protestant ‘deliverance ministers’ also use ‘special’ anointing oils, crucifixes, ‘holy water,’ [while this water does refer to Jesus, or to His Word, but to the Christianized, pagan Roman Catholic water god,] as well as their physical Bibles.  Where is this demonstrated or commanded in the context of Scriptural Truth?  The Bible per say, is an ordinary book written in ordinary ink.  It is only once we personally believe and accept the words written in the true context of the Bible as Spirit and Truth, or as the Words of Jesus Christ Himself, that the words in the Bible have spiritual meaning and power.  It is all about personal faith and not about the so-called ‘magical power’ of the book itself, or just the faith of the ‘deliverer.’ 

All of these ‘deliverance’ ministries steal their doctrines, and strange and frenzied ‘deliverance’ methods from one another.  Therefore, they all built their ‘ministries’ on the perception that [even true] believers can be inhabited by demons — and most of their church members  probably are, should one judge according to the popularity of these ‘ministries.’  Allegedly, they have to cast out demons from these people because they gave ‘legal ground to the devil’ through the ‘inherited sin’ and ‘evil bloodline of their forefathers,’ (the sin of their specific nation and families,) “childhood and other trauma, violence, and sexual sin against them such as molestation and rape.”

Some ‘expert ministries’ tackle the problem of ‘deliverance’ with specific programs and Christian counselling.  Similar to, and mostly based on Hindu and  Buddhist techniques and teachings, (therefore many are Christian psychologists, while the impious founders and teachings of physiology can never be reconciled with Jesus Christ and His true Word,) they probe the believer’s memory to find the underlying causes of problems, with the goal of eliminating the demonic roots of behavioural, psychological, spiritual, financial, relationship and other problems. 

Just for clarity: This type of ‘deliverance’ is about psychology and subliminal occultism, and not the power of Scriptural Truth, Holy-Spirit leading, Godly love, support and fellowship.  Jesus commanded us to “weep with those who weep” and “carry one another’s burdens, thus fulfilling the Law of Love.”  To share our problems to help, teach, comfort, correct and support one another, is Godly and Scriptural. 

Concerning the ‘slain-in-the-spirit’ chaos, screaming at people and demons in ‘deliverance,’ drunk-in-the-spirit and all the most embarrassing things that happen in churches and private ‘deliverance,’ we must know that, the True Holy Spirit of the Bible, Who will never violate His Word, will never embarrass and humiliate us in public without a good reason, as I will explain.  Thus, all this chaos is against Scripture and a gross twisting of God’s Moral Law commandments. 

It is frightening to see how people line up in church for ‘deliverance;’ surrendering blindly to that person laying hands on them or touching them to make them fall over, or manifest a demon of some kind, which is then dealt with spectacularly in public.  We must be careful who we allow to lay hands on us publically or privately, and embarrass us before the watching world.  The laying on of hands have specific purposes in Scripture, which should only be done in clear Holy Spirit leading.  When someone ungodly lays hands on us, he or she transfers evil spirits to us.  The opposite is also true: “Lay hands suddenly on no man…  keep yourself pure,” (1 Tim. 5:22.) 

God’s Word also commands us to remain in control of our minds and thoughts as far as possible, and that’s why we should never surrender to false authority or get drunk in ANY way!  We have to “be vigilant [against the schemes of the evil one,]” be watchful, sober minded, of a sound mind, take captive our thoughts to obedience to Christ — our spirits must be subject to us, and we must do everything “orderly,” because God is not the author of chaos and confusion, (1 Pt. 5:8-9; 2 Tim. 1:7; 2 Cor. 10:5; 1 Cor. 14:31-32.) 

The Real Holy Spirit will lead us and empower us with His Scriptural gifts to do His will, but always according to the truth of His Word. He will never override our free will. He empowers us with His gifts and ministry through other true believers; He never overpowers us and force us to surrender to unscriptural authority and the twisting of His Everlasting, Most Holy Word. 

The Real Holy Spirit is not the ringmaster of a circus. He is the Creator of His entire universe, yet, even if we have unrepentant sin in our lives, He will speak gently and openly to us first, convincing and convicting us of all sin against His Moral Law of Love.  If we do not listen and remain unrepentant, He will speak to us privately through someone else. If we remain unrepentant even then, He will expose us in a civilized manner for the safety of other people because we must “not have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.”  In this way, He will bring us to shame with the motive of leading us to repentance; His comfort, and eternal life, (Jn. 16:8-11; Eph. 5:11; Mt. 18:15-20.) 

Because the Holy Spirit of the Bible is the Most Holy God, He commands His children to live holy, and to conduct everything that relate to their lives in wisdom according to His Word, and in holiness, (1 Pt. 1:15-17.)  That’s why Paul commanded, “Live in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.  But fornication and all uncleanness or greediness, let it not even BE NAMED among you, as is fitting for saints; neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving thanks… [As a result,] live circumspectly, [carefully, attentively,] not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil… Understand what the will of the Lord is. And do not [bring shame on yourself and your family by getting] drunk with wine [or any other intoxicating thing that will turn your holy, moral behaviour into ungodliness and immorality — such as the so-called ‘spiritual drunkenness’ in churches,] for [in intoxicating your mind in any way] is dissipation, [forgetting your holy character and committing all kinds of shameful immorality,] but be filled with the Spirit. [THE SPIRIT WILL NEVER BEHAVE LIKE THE IMMORAL WORLD! THIS IS HOW WE WILL BEHAVE IF WE ARE FILLED WITH THE TRUE SPIRIT OF THE BIBLE:] speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, submitting to one another in the fear of God, [and in everything good, holy, true, and Godly.] (Eph. 5:4; 15-20.]  

In spite of all these comprehensible commandments of God, in absolute disobedience to the Word and Spirit, most ‘deliverance’ ministries are totally radical in their attack on possessed (or so-called ‘oppressed’) believers, which they call “spiritual warfare.”  Therefore, in true occult fashion and contrary to all God’s commandments on self-control, they “slay [kill] the person in the spirit,” and the person collapses into a helpless, empty-minded, trance-like state just as in the occult; dangerously surrendering his or her God-given free will to the ‘deliverer’ and his or her demons while they ‘pray’ over him.  It is not uncommon that such ‘patients’ lay incapacitated on the floor for hours while supposedly ‘communing with God’ while ‘the holy spirit and his angels’ allegedly do ‘a miraculous deliverance’ on that person,’ on ‘levels’ that proved too much or too deep for the ‘deliverers.’ 

However, when these ‘deliverers’ do not make enough ‘progress’ with a person, they address the demons directly to demands their names, how they came to indwell the person, even “channelling” the demon to speak through the person in a strange voice, or through an assistant of the ‘deliverer.’  They then resort to screaming, shaking, kicking and hitting demons out of the afflicted person, often assaulting the person quite violently. 

Apart from the fact that demons are inherent liars and deceivers, God Himself strictly FORBADE people to act as “mediums,” and “spiritists,” who converse with demons and invite evil spirits to use them as mouthpieces, (Jn. 8:44; Deut. 18:10-13.)   



So, you think you need ''deliverance'' through some so-called ‘hyper-anointed false expert?’ Think again. Think Jesus. Think the truth of His WORD. Think believing, accepting, and obeying the Truth of His Word as the eternal Rock on which you eternally stand. Paul clearly stated that we “did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, [that we are in bondage while, by really accepting Christ, we are INSIDE His Kingdom of Liberty,] but you received he Spirit of adoption by Whom we cry out, Abba, Father...” “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our human spirit that we are the [SAVED, REDEEMED, BLESSED] children of God, and if children, then heirs [who freely inherited ALL of God’s grace] if indeed we suffer with Him, [as and where God may call us to stand for truth,] that we may also be glorified together [at the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.]”

A few of people believe the Scriptural truth that all believers have the authority to cast out demons, but most say only ‘the experts’ should tamper with demons in such a ‘great spiritual warfare.’  [Just like the Roman Catholic Church teaches.]  That’s why pastors as well as ‘ordinary’ believers call on ‘specialist,’ officially ordained reverends, bishops, [there is no such thing as a reverend or bishop in the true body of Christ; it is a fake, official ‘church post,’ slipped into Scripture by  Catholic  translators of the Bible and other ‘important, schooled deliverers,’ who now teach that Christians “cannot have demons in their spirits because the Holy Spirit lives there, though they can have demons in their brains, minds or souls due to inner emotional wounds, sexual abuse, or Satanic ritual abuse.  This is usually known as partial possession or demonic infestation, as opposed to outside demonic oppression, which does not reside in any of the three parts of a person: body, soul, spirit.”  - Wikipedia.

I can honestly say, through personal experience and knowledge of God’s Word: what these ‘experts’ do during ‘deliverance,’ is bone-chilling recklessness against God, His contextual True Word, and gullible believers. wrote, “Consider [ROMAN CATHOLIC JESUIT] Bob Larson’s description of his ministry to a person in bondage. The person had numerous “alters” (multiple personalities) as well as demonic bondage. This person with “dissociative identity disorder” [pure psychology lingo and completely foreign to Scripture,] had a demon called “Gatekeeper” who kept letting demons back in after they had